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The National Register of Historic Places
Weddings at The Mast Farm Inn • “Make your own history… where we  are used to making history. “The Mast Farm Inn is a world renowned North Carolina Country Inn, in Historic Valle Crucis. It is on The National Register of Historic Places, and a Member of The Select Registry. Valle Crucis is North Carolina’s First Rural Historic District. We hope you will select The Mast Farm Inn for your wedding, and our dedicated wedding website is here to help you get organized.  • To view our dedicated site CLICK HERE or see subject headings below.

Less Is More

Less is More

Preparing a wedding can be a major project. You can breath easy. It may be your first time planning a wedding, but not ours, and we are here to help you every step of the way. You can see some reviews by clicking here. While we have provided numerous page destinations below and invite you to explore them as you have time, the fast and easy way to get started is to use the form you will access by Clicking Here to say Hi, Bonjour, Howdy, Ola, Bonjou Wi, Wassup, even Guten Tag, introduce yourself, and ask a few basic questions. Yes we speak all those languages fluently. A real person named Danielle, our wedding manager, who is also one of the owners, will help you sort things out so you make the best choice based on your needs. You’ll get no hard sell or even soft sell, just the facts to make an informed decision. Thank You for considering The Mast Farm Inn for your wedding! And why pre tell OMG would we attempt humor on this page of all pages? Because the two most important ingredients for a successful wedding are meticulous planning, and a sense of humor, because no plan survives contact with the enemy. In the long twilight struggle between dreams and the pocketbook, experience and creativity can solve numerous problems. And that’s our promise to you.

Detailed Wedding Information

More Is More

Everything you ever wanted to know about hosting a wedding at The Mast Farm Inn, and then some. For example you can even see how to use the house, cottages, cabins and public rooms on the property rationally depending on the number of guests by clicking here for lodging, and by clicking here for location and sites on the estate. What does it cost? Asking what a wedding costs is akin to asking what a car costs… and while it may seem simpler to provide broad flat rates, and say the proverbial “Tadah”, the object of the detailing here is to assure you do not pay for something you do not need and that you benefit in all ways possible from logical planning. All our weddings are custom-made and fitted and they are all hand-crafted. While the bridesmaids above are hiding their bouquets, we have no hidden fees, and we do not nickel and dime. We both understand and care. And that’s our second promise to you.

Your Wedding • In Your Wedding we help you in terms of Getting Organized, we present the numerous Locations & Sites for events on the estate, talk about the Bridal Luncheon, the Rehearsal Dinner, the Officiant, Flowers & Decor, the Wedding Cake, a Photographer, a Videographer,The Ceremony, The Reception, the Music & Entertainment, The Honeymoon, and the Memorabilia we can provide. You can also see review information of a sampling of group Reservations options.

Catering • In Catering we present Food & Beverages options, and present some sample Menus so you can see the types of cuisine available.

Lodging • In Lodging we present all the rooms in the main Farmhouse: Aunt Leona, The Cherry Room,Elizabeth Gray Vining, Joe Mast, Miss Allie, Nell’s Room, Cousin Sarah; as well as the cottages and cabins: The Blacksmith Shop, The Woodwork Shop, The Loom House, Gazebo Cottage,Maple Spring, The Granary, Mam’s Refuge, and Uncle Earl’s Haven; and we present Additional Lodging options if your wedding requires more lodging capability than we can provide.

Activities • In Activities we present a wide range of other activities at the Inn and in the area which can enhance your wedding Before & After, Outdoors & Indoors.

Information • In Information we provide some background on The Mast Farm Inn, present the Inn, Estate & Grounds, talk a bit about the History of the Inn, introduce you to the Owners & Staff, provide some Testimonials and References from previous weddings and guests, list Wedding Resources you may find helpful, as well as lists our indicative Costs & Fees, and the Guidelines & Policies appropriate to weddings and special events at the Inn. You can also see our sitemap at Weddings North Carolina Journal and see the most recent articles published at Weddings North Carolina Magazine.

Contact • In Contact we provide online forms so you can request a Free Overnight Stay, Inquire in greater detail. And of course we invite you to call us on the Phone, or to Write us an email to make an appointment or to setup a meeting. You can also use the form there to let us know to contact you at your convenience.

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The Mast Farm Inn, Historic North Carolina Country Inn & Restaurant, In Valle Crucis, NC
The Mast Farm Inn, Historic North Carolina Country Inn & Restaurant, In Valle Crucis, NC