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Retreats & Workshops by The Mast Farm Inn. Make Your Own History at The Mast Farm Inn. Two, three or four day retreats for groups of 4 to 28. Highly affordable set-price rates include all lodging, dining, meeting spaces, and all non-alcoholic refreshments such as coffee, water, sodas, juice, as well as fresh baked treats and snacks.

The Mast Farm Inn estate is located on 21 acres in the pristine mountain village of Historic Valle Crucis, North Carolina. Valle Crucis, is North Carolina’s first rural historic district, designated as such by the legislature, and the entire community is officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as are many of its individual structure. Valle Crucis is pronounced Valley-Crew-Sis and in Latin means Valley Of The Cross, so named for the rivers and streams which cross our valley. We are on the Watauga River in a beautiful mountain valley a little under a mile long, by about a quarter mile wide, surrounded by mountains, forests, rivers and streams, and our population is eight hundred. Our location, history, geography, climate, and authentically friendly people, all contribute to making it quite simply a treasure… a natural sanctuary & haven of peaceful calm.

Health, natural & organic conscious • Old-fashioned innovative. A caring environment, with history, meaning, and majestic natural beauty. The Mast Farm Inn’s unique setting, historic lodging, relaxed meeting spaces, sincere rural southern hospitality & manners provide the ideal setting to accomplish your retreat goals.  It’s a place which at the same time generates excitement, relaxation and fulfillment. It’s a place where you feel comfortable, energized, exhilarated, passionate & challenged, where groups can get plenty done while enjoying healthy carefree fun and feel closer.


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