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How to find The Mast Farm Inn of Historic Valle Crucis, North Carolina using a GPS navigation device

Winter in The High Country

Winter in The High Country • Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snow tubing, zip lining, snowshoeing, and sledding. If you can do it on snow or ice, you can do it in the North Carolina High Country. NC is home to some of the highest ski areas in the Eastern US, and winter here brings a time to celebrate in stead of hibernate.

Fall in North Carolina

Just when you think a place holds all the magic it can, nature adds even more brilliance. Let our fall colors take you flying, driving, hiking and fishing all set against stunning North Carolina backdrops

Watauga County

Watauga County, North Carolina • A place that marries four seasons of amazing natural beauty with an advanced technology backbone, A unique home, situated on a ski slope, in a quiet valley, or alongside a rushing mountain trout stream, A vibrant, diversified economy, supported by a major state university.


Boone, North Carolina, In The Summertime • A long list of outdoor options make Boone and The Western North Carolina High Country a nationally recognized location for the outdoor adventure lifestyle.


If you are looking for some High Octane fun, the High Country of North Carolina has a plethora of activities that will get your heart rate pumping.

Visit Boone NC

Visit Boone, North Carolina, the Heart of the High Country. Enjoy the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains’ cool summers, arts and culture, and plenty of good, old fashioned fun for the whole family!