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While the dedicated Mast Farm Inn Weddings website includes a great deal of information, if you are pressed for time, or have not found the information you need, do not hesitate to use the form here, or to call the weddings manager or front desk manager at 828-963-5857 for information or assistance.

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Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything • ”You know I’ve had close calls, When it could’ve been me, I was young when I learned just how fragile life can be, I lost friends of mine, I guess it wasn’t my time, Timing is everything”

Lizzie + Joe2

Lizzie + Joe • Rebecca • Millie Holloman

”There’s no more beautiful place for a wedding than The Mast Farm Inn, and that’s just what Lizzie and Joe thought, too. They celebrated their big day with family and close friends, and you could feel the joy that each person had for the events taking place.” ~ Rebecca


Elopements, Revival Photography

Three elopements at the Mast Farm Inn photographed by Heather & Jason Barr of Revival Photography are featured in next year’s High Country Wedding Guide


  • Leap-of-Faith-OMG-Lets-Elope-Now.jpg

    Leap of Faith

    Leap of Faith, is an OMG Let’s Elope Now package for when your mind’s made up, sometimes less is more, and keeping it simple and just us, makes a lot of sense. Eloping at The Inn is wonderful and easy.

  • Leap-of-Faith-OMG-Lets-Elope-Now-in-Grand-Style.jpg

    Leap of Faith in Grand Style

    Leap of Faith In Grand Style, is an OMG Let’s Elope Now special for when your mind’s made up, you think sometimes more is more, and making it grand but just us, makes a lot of sense. Eloping at The Inn is wonderful and easy.

  • propose-at-breakfast.jpg

    The Breakfast Proposal

    Numerous scientific studies (too numerous to mention) conducted by major ivy-league universities, as well as other highly respected scientific research institutions, have demonstrated that 99.99% of marriage proposals made during Breakfast at The Mast Farm Inn result in a resounding YES, and one mighty fine day.

  • Message-in-a-Bottle.jpg

    Message In a Bottle

    The Message in a Bottle proposal package can also be used for renewal of vows, honeymoons, second honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays and many other special occasions.

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    Play It Again Sam

    The Play It Again Sam special is reserved exclusively for Brides & Grooms who were married at The Mast Farm Inn any time after January 2006 and who are returning to celebrate a wedding anniversary here.

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    Weddings • Overview

    Make your own history… where we are used to making history.”The Mast Farm Inn is a world renowned North Carolina Country Inn & Restaurant, in Historic Valle Crucis. It is on The National Register of Historic Places, and a Member of The Select Registry.

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    Reviews Weddings

    See Reviews & Testimonials from Brides, Grooms, Parents, Family, Guests & Wedding Professionals who have hosted and attended weddings at The Mast Farm Inn

This place offers the best all-around that we have ever found. Everything was outstanding!

Heather & Julia, Charlotte, North Carolina

The scenery in this area is simply amazing! You will find lots to do or just sit back and relax.

Paul & Mary, Nashville, Tennessee

You cannot get food like this just anywhere. We cannot wait to return again soon.

Thomas & Eloise, Charlottesville, Virginia

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