Special Dietary Needs

Vegan, Vegetarian, Special Dietary Needs

Are you vegan or vegetarian or have special dietary needs? We have good news and we have bad news.

The Good News • While The Mast Farm Inn is not a vegan, vegetarian, or certified-organic dining establishment, we are pro-organic, pro-vegan, and pro-vegetarian, and we get where you are coming from. We really do, and we both understand and care. That means that if persons in your party are vegan or vegetarian, we can prepare special vegan-vegetarian meals. If you have special dietary needs or allergies we can address those needs as well, sometimes for free, sometimes not.

The Bad News • It’s not always a free service. We prepare for and are geared to preparing a regular meal plan which meets the needs of the majority of our guests, and shifting gears to prepare for a special diet requires significantly more preparation, work, and more costly ingredients. We also need a week’s notice in order to assure that we design meals for the duration of your stay which are in harmony with your culinary philosophy, needs and remain gourmet delicious. We will ask you about any special dietary needs when you reserve and in our confirmation email. The best way to assure this gets taken care of properly is to call the front desk at 828-963-5857 at least a week prior to your arrival. The current supplement over regular rates for Vegan-Organic and Special Dietary Breakfasts as of the publication of this page is $15 per person per breakfast, but current special dietary requests prices will be communicated to you by the front desk at the time of your requests.

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