Coming January 1st 2012

The Mast Farm Inn, North Carolina Country Inn & Restaurant, in Valle Crucis, North Carolina

Sneak Peek of Our New Website • We are in the process of building this new website for The Mast Farm Inn in Valle Crucis, North Carolina. Our current and fully operational website is at and we invite you to use the site at that address until December 31st, 2011.

At that time we will switch all functions over to here at You are quite welcome to look around. Think of it as peeking into the kitchen. And while everything on here, all the forms, including reservations, work and are are usable from here, do keep in mind that until December 31st what you are seeing is sneak peek preview, as we are not finished uploading pages, photos, texts, editing, and tweaking, and such the site is not in final form and the content is incomplete. If you would like to see what the finished site will contain you can see the site map at Thank you, and come back to see us grow. ~ The Early Bird

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The Mast Farm Inn, Historic North Carolina Country Inn & Restaurant, Valle Crucis, NC