Rose and Champagne honeymoon add-on
White Chocolate Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake
Tray with flowers on bed

Room Service Delights

Enjoy a wide variety of foods from breakfast to dessert delivered to your room. During service hours, you can always order from the Valle Tavern or our dining room. However, just for our guests, we have a special menu for room service that can be ordered ahead and available upon arrival in your room. Bottle of champagne on ice to start off your weekend? Chocolate covered strawberries to delight the senses? A picnic basket ready to go? Or heck, let’s have cake! Our sweet shop is available especially for you to order custom surprises and enjoyments during your stay. And although you can’t eat it, we find that a fresh welcoming bouquet of flowers is just the right touch to start your stay off with that “you did good, honey” smile. Must be ordered 48 hours in advance. 

Room Enhancements

Meat & Cheese Board
Delicious, Gourmet Meats & Cheeses
Chocolate Strawberries
The Perfect Sweet Treat
Gourmet Picnic Basket
A Healthy And Robust Meal to Go
Coffee Lover's Delight
Warm up with a cup of Brooklyn roasted fair trade coffee
Birthday Enhancements
Make their day truly special
Celebrate Your Love
Ramp up the romance with these room enhancements

New Summer Offerings!

Weekend tea parties! Beer Garden! Heavy Tavern Menu! Sauna! Special Dinners!

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