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Weddings & Elopements At The Mast Farm Inn, Historic Hotels of America North Carolina Country Inn specializing in Elopements & Weddings.

Wedding Information & Contacts • Here you will find the numerous general or specific purpose wedding related contact forms. We have a special website dedicated to Weddings at The Mast Farm Inn which you can see by clicking here, and which includes the six forms as described below. We invite you to get in touch with any questions & comments big or small.

Wedding Information & Contacts
Depending on your perspective
, you will find one or another of the following may best address your needs, and you are welcome to use any or all which you think may apply, the “Contact” form being the simplest and fastest. Click on the name of the form you need, fill in as much or as little of the forms as you like, and let us know how and when to contact you. Thank You!
Contact • For any purpose, fast, minimalist, simple.
Questions & Comments • For more detailed or specific questions & comments.
Wedding Design Questionnaire • For highly detailed wedding preparation and design.
Free Overnight Stay • To request a free overnight stay to visit The Mast Farm as a potential site for your wedding.
For Guests Attending a Wedding • For guests attending a wedding at the Inn requiring more information.
Reservations • For the wedding host, party and guests to reserve lodging.

While The Mast Farm Inn Weddings WebSite includes a great deal of information, if you are pressed for time, or have not found the information you need, do not hesitate to use the simple contact form, or to write us at, or to call the weddings manager or front desk manager at 828-963-5857 for information or assistance.

We would also actually like to speak with you. We like tech, but we like people more. So, If you want some counsel and to speak with a real human being, do not hesitate one second to simply give us a call or use the forms above so we call you. A real person will call and help you sort things out so you make the best choice based on your needs. You’ll get no hard sell or even soft sell, just the facts to make an informed decision, without charge or obligation of any kind. And to show you how much we care, here is one stupendous helpful hint and tip. Thank You for considering The Mast Farm Inn for your wedding!

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