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The North Carolina Blogger Network Photo Contest

The North Carolina Blogger Network Photo ContestClick Here To See Contest • How to share your image by email, or on social media, to get more votes from friends and supporters? The fast and easy way is to click on an image, and when the page containing your individual image opens, simply copying the short link to the right of the image, mailing that link to friends, and posting it on social media, but you will greatly benefit by reading what is below as well.

When uploading your entries we recommend you use an image size no bigger than 2400 pixels wide and 2 megabyte in size. This is because each of the social media sites has image size upload limits, and people trying to share your image to get you more votes may get a social media server reject due to image size limits. Images below 800 pixels wide and less than 100 Kilobytes will display poorly on the pages on the contest as well as when shared on social media. That means the ideal image size for this  contest is between 800-2400 pixels wide, and between 100 kilobytes and 2 megabytes.

The ideal description will include who, what, where, when, how, and why, and the description field has a 255 character limit. This will help visitor understand the image. For example:

Valle Crucis, NC. The VC Equine Mafia: Our American Paint Horse "Rocky Raccoon", sidekick Donkey "Senior Personalidad", and their entourage in the corral behind the Mast Farm barn in spring. | By Henri Deschamps, The Mast Farm Inn, 

The example above is exactly the 255 character limit so it gives you an idea of how much text that means. Please do feel free to include your name, company, and web address as per example above as that will enable people to discover you, your company and visit your website. We are not averse in the slightest to you getting some PR and promotional value by participating, but good judgment and good taste while doing so is key. Any image judged to be disingenuously, covertly or overtly commercial as spam will be removed immediately. If you are not a wordsmith, what might be nice is for you to include location, and a favorite quote.

1) Head over to

2) Find your image, or all your images, by using the search bar to search for your images, using your username on this contest. Your username in this contest is the first part of the email address before the @ that you used to register.

3) Click directly on your image, or images, to get to the individual image entry pages.

4) Look at the URL address in the browsers address bar. Example:

5) The eight digit number at the end of the address is your entry number, in this case 16055729, copy the link, or copy the short link to the right of the image on the individual image page, in this case

6) Mail that URL or short link or and post that entry’s URL or short link address on social media.

7) Short links, when clicked, will convert your link, and bring folks directly to your image on our FaceBook page, which is the home base for this contest, where they can vote for you, in this case You can also use your entry numbers to replace where you see the eight digit number at the end of the FaceBook URL above taking care to leave the %3D and inserting your eight digit number with no space between your number and the %3D. If you are more E-Mail or Twitter based, we recommend you share the Wishpond links such as, and if you are more FaceBook based, we recommend you share the short link such as

As you see, all the versions of the URL in the example used in this case, all lead to the same place. And yours, using your own eight digit entry number, will lead directly to your single image as well via any link or social media sharing platform. 
Don’t worry, this image we are using for an example here cannot win the contest. It is our demo image provided courtesy of
David Finck of David Finck Violins. Please note as well that FaceBook does not allow Pinterest image shares, and because Java scripts often clash, nor does the script on our own site. Many browser social media sharing extensions have the same Java conflict issues. If you want to share properly to Pinterest, or via ViralTag, Sprout Social, Buffer or Hootsuite, you will be better served to do so from your images at

The North Carolina Blogger Network Photo Contest
Below is an example text that may work well, and obviously you would first replace the eight digit number in the URL below with your own eight digit entry number or numbers:

"Hi, I submitted and entry on the North Carolina Blogger network photo contest at If you can vote for me I would appreciate it. Winners will be determined by voters’ choice using the vote buttons under each image. You can also vote once a day for each entry you like, so come back and vote daily for your favorites & new favorites! The contest ends March 23rd, 2015. Thank You!"

If you have a website, you can create a customized button leading directly to your image like the one below, by inserting your eight digit number in the following code, and them dropping that code into your page’s html code, replacing where you see the number 16055729 with your own entry number.

The North Carolina Blogger Network Photo Contest

Below is the code you would insert into your web page’s html code, replacing where you see the number 16055729 with your own entry number:
<div align="center"><a href="" title="NC Blogger Network" target="_blank"><img src="×195.jpg" alt="NC Blogger Network" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Here are all the pages where you can participate in the contest. There you will find the same images and vote numbers, which are stored and tabulated by Wishpond, the software platform we use to manage the contest.

The North Carolina Blogger Network Photo Contest
The grand prize winner will receive a gift certificate for two nights’ stay for two at
The Mast Farm Inn of Valle Crucis, North Carolina, a world-renowned Historic Hotels of America boutique hotel. This includes a country gourmet breakfast for two each morning, and dinner for two at Over Yonder, one of the Inn’s two restaurants. A $1000 value. Learn more about Valle Crucis, North Carolina & The Mast Farm Inn by Clicking Here.

The Mast Farm Inn is an award-winning historic country inn & restaurant in the Valle Crucis Historical District of North Carolina
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The Mast Farm Inn is an award-winning historic country inn & restaurant in the Valle Crucis Historical District of North Carolina, which has been welcoming guests since the 1800s. The Mast Farm Inn is a Historic Hotels of America hotel, a Select Registry Inn, and is on The National Register of Historic Places.

The Mast Farm Inn, Historic North Carolina Country Inn & Restaurant, Valle Crucis, NC