Looking Glass Creamery

Looking Glass Creamery

Looking Glass Creamery • Located 2 hours from The Inn, Looking Glass Creamery, a small, family owned and operated creamery located in the mountains of Western North Carolina, creates small batches of exceptional handmade artisan cheeses from goat and cow milk.

You can find our cheeses for sale at fine retail and restaurant locations throughout Western North Carolina. Looking Glass Creamery is the home of fine handcrafted, small batch, artisanal cheeses.  We start with fresh raw milk that we buy weekly from several local farms and process it in small batches to make a limited variety of goat and cow milk cheeses.  We strive to produce an excellent product made with no artificial preservatives, stabilizers, or additives and free of added growth hormones or other unnatural ingredients.  Our cheeses contain only milk, cultures, seasalt, and rennet along with the occasional herbs and spices from the best sources.

Looking Glass Creamery, was selected as one of six American artisanal cheesemakers to be highlighted nationally by Williams-Sonoma
“Looking Glass Creamery, was selected as one of six American artisanal cheesemakers to be highlighted nationally by Williams-Sonoma. A collection of Looking Glass Creamery handmade, small batch cheeses was featured and available via the Williams-Sonoma holiday catalog and online at the Williams-Sonoma website through the first six months of 2011. The collection included three of their signature cheeses Early Bird, Ellington, and Chocolate Lab. Early Bird, is a delicate bloomy rind crottin made from goat’s milk that is aged for about 3 weeks. Ellington, named after the famed art deco architect who designed many of Asheville’s unique buildings, is an ash coated, pyramid made from goats milk with a bright white interior wrapped in a pencil thin line of ash and a velvety rind. The third and final cheese of the collection named Chocolate Lab, is a washed rind cheese made from cow’s milk that is finish rubbed with dark cocoa and chocolate stout.”

A licensed cheese making facility located in Fairview just outside of Asheville, North Carolina,  The business was started by Jennifer & Andy Perkins to produce exceptional, small batch, handmade cheese from goat and cows milk.  The Perkins settled permanently in Western North Carolina in 2001 after falling in love with the area on their honeymoon hike of the Appalachian Trail in 1994.

After a year of construction, the creamery was licensed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture early in 2009. In the first year they focused on developing several varieties of fresh and aged goat milk cheeses and specialized in the production of bloomy rind, semi-soft cheeses.  Cow milk production began in late 2009.

The farm also maintains a flock of laying hens in a mobile coop, two Saanen family milkers, a large and ever-expanding garden, a blueberry patch, grape vines, and a number of fruit trees including apple, pear, quince, peach, and cherry and a beautiful Great Pyrenees named Moses to watch over it all. The establishment of Looking Glass Creamery was the fruition of a decade of work, research, and passion for artisan cheeses that capture the character of a place, reflect the quality of the milk, the farm it came from, and the hand of the cheesemaker.

Looking Glass Creamery
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