Kyle Keeter

RC Cola & Moon Pie, By Kyle Keeter

Kyle Keeter • Keeter’s paintings and drawings reflect his upbringing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. As a child Kyle explored art through drawing, painting, directing super-8 movies with special effects, and creating Halloween costumes.

By his senior year at Watauga High School, his talent was recognized with numerous art awards:
Scholastic Gold Key Art Awards, first place in the AAA School Traffic Safety National Poster Contest, a Blue Ridge Parkway 50th anniversary art award, and the Watauga High School senior art award. Kyle’s travels in Europe with his family exposed him to the works of the great masters of the Italian Renaissance and French Impressionism

At Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, Kyle’s instructors noted his distinctive style.
Kyle developed his watercolor technique at Ringling and at Parsons School of Art and Design in New York City where he studied with Beverly Brodsky, an award-winning children’s author and illustrator. Kyle continued his studies at Appalachian State University where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in studio art.

Kyle is a regional artist inspired by his reverential feeling for the mountain area, and his work is defined by creativity and attention to detail.
Each year Kyle participates in the Appalachian Summer Festival auction at ASU donating ink drawings and/or prints. Kyle’s pen and ink drawings of the Southern icon Elvis were recognized with two awards at the annual International Art Contest in Memphis. Currently Kyle is an artist, and he teaches at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute.

This Southern Still Life evokes fond memories of an earlier South. The MoonPie hit the markets of Chattanooga Tennessee in 1917 and the RC Cola arrived in 1934. The MoonPie & RC Cola combination was an instant success in the 1950’s and has held fast in the South over the decades. The combination became popular as the "working man’s lunch".

The Mast Farm Inn, By Kyle Keeter
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The Mast Farm Inn, Historic North Carolina Country Inn & Restaurant, Valle Crucis, NC