Erin McDermott at The Mast Farm Inn

Erin McDermott

The Mast Farm Inn is pleased to invite you to “Erin McDermott at The Mast Farm Inn on Sunday, May 20th, 2012, from 7:30pm to 10:00pm • Reservations (828) 963-5857 • $25.00 Per Person, All Soft Drinks, Beer & Wine Included, No Dinner Service, Seating Limited, Reservations Required

Erin McDermott • Meet Erin McDermott before the gig, with a Guinness in her hand and a self-effacing wit at the ready, and you’d never suspect the transformation that’s about to take place. But when she sets down her pint and steps onto stage, pay attention. A spruce-topped six string launches into a steam-driving rhythm and her voice rises, gaining power and soaring to a pure quavering vulnerability that makes even the club regulars, the ones who’ve heard it all, stop talking and really listen.

“Erin McDermott writes short stories in song about small town life in Vermont. Her characters come alive in the songs and you get to know these real people by the time the second chorus comes around. With a voice as strong and as uniquely expressive as her lyrics, Erin is a songwriter to watch in the coming years.” ~ Tim O’Brien

And why not? It’s more than the alt-folk barnburners and whiskied-up ballads Erin conjures, the achingly rich, superbly rendered tales of rural America present and past. It’s more than the magnificent players she surrounds herself with, from the hottest pickers in Vermont’s Green Mountains to the Nashville hotshots like Grammy Award winner Tim O’Brien, IBMA “Guitarist of the Year” Bryan Sutton, and ACM “Fiddle Player of the Year” Stuart Duncan, who back her up on her latest album, “Time to Go.” When Erin McDermott sings, it’s an emotional testament to what it is to be human—the sweet and the bitter of life, the pure glory and the heartbreaking, bewildering loss. Live or on record, she’s a performer you don’t want to miss.

“Erin McDermott and her songs are one in the same. They’re both honest, engaging, and immediately likable.” ~ Bryan Sutton

Erin considers her music “Folkass” (a little bit of folk, little bit of bluegrass and a little bit of everything else). A keen observer of the human experience, she has gathered countless stories about intriguing characters through her many adventures. Whether writing about historical figures with mordant humor, expressing tender strength and sophistication or reaching toward lighthearted enthusiasm, Erin possesses a powerful gift for communicating her life stories through song. Erin is currently working on her upcoming release “Time to Go” with producer Brent Truitt, in his Nashville studio. Brent is known for his work with the Dixie Chicks, Alison Krauss and Dolly Parton to name a few.

“Great stories thrive in the hands of great storytellers and Time to go is a perfect example of this effect. Erin is a terrific technical signer as well as a compelling one, and performing with her is like attending a vocal workshop.” ~ Jeremy Darrow

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