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Edible Piedmont

Edible Piedmont • “Edible Piedmont is a community-based publication that promotes the abundance of local foods in the greater Piedmont area of North Carolina (Triad, Triangle and Charlotte). We celebrate the growers, producers, retailers, artisans, chefs, bakers, home cooks, and others who energize our community with authentic, locally based food choices.”

Edible Piedmont
The 2011 James Beard Foundation PUBLICATION OF THE YEAR AWARD

Edible Communities Publications
“This year, the Journalism Committee of the James Beard Foundation Awards has decided for the first time to present a special award for what it deems to be Publication of the Year.
The Publication of the Year Award recognizes a publication—in magazine, newspaper, or digital format—that demonstrates fresh directions, worthy ambitions, and a forward-looking approach to food journalism.

The publications produced by the Edible Communities company are “locavores” with national appeal. They are locally grown and community based, like the foods, family farmers, growers, retailers, chefs, and food artisans they feature. The company’s unique publishing model addresses the most crucial trends in food journalism; the publications are rooted in distinct culinary regions throughout the United States and Canada, celebrating local, seasonal foods with the goal of transforming the way we shop, cook, and eat. Their underlying values speak to today’s spirit of shared responsibility: every person has the right to affordable, fresh, healthful food on a daily basis.

Edible Communities is more than a group of high-quality, regional print magazines with compelling storytelling and visual narratives. Through electronic and digital platforms—websites, social media, Edible Radio podcasts, and popular local events—its food journalism carries regional stories to national and global audiences. We believe that in years to come the collected work of these unique publications will serve as a valuable resource for exploring the impact of regional food and agriculture from a grassroots perspective.

At a time when journalists are reinventing traditional publications and embracing digital formats, the Journalism Committee of the James Beard Foundation is proud to recognize Edible Communities for this first-ever award. Edible Communities’ body of work reflects excellence in the ever-changing world of food journalism. Its publications inform and connect today’s food-savvy readers with local communities that stand for a healthful, flavorful, and sustainable food supply.” • The Journalism Awards Committee

Edible Piedmont
“edible PIEDMONT readers are concerned, connected, savvy and community minded.
They are active consumers who are passionate about local foods and sustainability. They are champions of local, independent businesses. They care about the quality of the food they eat and where it comes from. They look for value but don’t mind paying more for something if its quality is exceptional and there is a good story behind it. They are regular restaurant diners and terrific home cooks. They support their local farmers markets and understand that the best tasting foods are seasonal, fresh and local.”

Edible Piedmont - The 4 Seasons
Fred is the “Weekend Gourmet” columnist in the Raleigh News and Observer and the author of eight cookbooks covering subjects on seafood, grilling, barbecue, and beverages.
Hot Chocolate was nominated for an IACP Cookbook Award in 2007. His next book, Grilling with Gas is due out next spring.

He is passionate about all things food. Raised in North Carolina, he is an expert on the region’s food. When he heard about the publication franchise, he knew he had found a worthwhile publication with a cause, to promote local food and the people who bring it to our tables – fisherman he calls “the last hunters and gatherers”, farmers, chefs, and vintners.

You may have seen his work in popular publications such as Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, and Everyday With Rachael Ray. Foodies see his writing in Food and Wine, Fine Cooking, and Gourmet.

Belinda has spent her entire career developing food products and recipes. Specializing in baking, she has taught hundreds of people hands-on baking classes.
In addition, she has experience in recipe communications through print materials, media, television, and writing/hosting training DVDs.

Fred and Belinda are partners who realized that they could combine their love of local foods with a commitment to connect people to where their food comes from. For us, this is not a job it is a lifelong passion coming to fruition.

Edible Piedmont
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