The IBMA & North Carolina

The Mast Farm Inn is honored to be a lifetime organization member of The International Bluegrass Music Association since 2008. The IBMA is moving its signature event from Nashville to Raleigh, North Carolina for the next three years. It’s a five day business conference, award show, and major music festival called World of Bluegrass. In fact it’s a family gathering.

Knee-Deep in World of Bluegrass

Enter to win World of Bluegrass prizes from Knee-Deep in Bluegrass and The Mast Farm Inn

Knee-Deep In Bluegrass With Cindy Baucom

The Mast Farm Inn is honored to be one of the official sponsors of Knee Deep in Bluegrass. Each of our segments in the show presents and features an outstanding North Carolina bluegrass artist.

Warren Hellmann, Bluegrass & Philanthropy

If you Google “bluegrass” and “philanthropy,” two stories pop up: Warren Hellman’s Hardly Strictly festival and Steve Martin’s awesome, annual $50,000 bluegrass grants. The music is not without benefactors at the regional level, Henri Deschamps from Western NC has been very generous to the bluegrass community.