Billy’s Rockin-N-Rollin Pumpkin

Primo & Primal. A funny thing happened on the way to making trusty steadfast but oh so square Pumpkin bread.

Caroline’s Apple Pear Upside Down

A picnic at the orchard. Fresh, Satisfying, Simple & Memorable. Like a cherished memory suspended in time. Blue jeans, butter, vanilla, crunchy walnuts, crispy apples and soothing pears, remind us that down to earth can be as glorious as tuxedos at the opera.

The Mast Farm Inn Shrimp & Grits

Much like for Benjamin Buford ”Bubba” Blue, Lieutenant Dan Taylor and Forrest Gump, we find shrimp, and their faithful sidekick grits, a moveable feast of endless possibilities.

The Big Chief’s Quiche Casserole For Vegetarian Pilgrims

This zucchini & potato quiche casserole is a favorite of Inn guests. The farm-fresh organic eggs make a huge difference, the shredded potatoes and crust add smoke & bite, the onions, mustard and artisan goat cheese pretty much sing.