Brian Mullins

Brian Mullins Photography • Brian Mullins has a unique sense of style, lighting, posing and drama which is easily seen in his work. Using his background in magazine photography, Brian knows how to get the best from his clients while putting them completely at ease.

Wayfaring Wanderer

Combining a love of photography, travel, nature, and food, Wayfaring Wanderer invites the reader along on journeys of exploration & discovery. The top notch photography and travel blogging spark wanderlust.

Caylin and D.H. • InContrast Images

I hardly know where to begin! I figure there is no better place to start than with one of our absolute favorite weddings from last year that we never got around to blogging: Caylin & D.H.’s wedding at The Mast Farm Inn

Janelle & Brett • Rebecca • Millie Holloman Photography

Janelle and Brett’s wedding day was amazing! Being Janelle’s friend on Facebook, I knew just how much thought, effort, and time she had put into every little detail of her day. The location, The Mast Farm Inn

Renee Fender Photography

When I shoot for others, I try to capture what might otherwise go unseen – a twinkle in a daddy’s eye when he holds his daughter close, tenderness in the eyes of a woman in love, a touch, a glance, a secret smile. My goal is to capture your moments and give them to you to hold forever.