Local Gourmet Shops

Local Gourmet Shops • Gourmet Food Stores are an epicure’s delight. The shops here offer you a wide selection of local, regional, national, and international specialty foods.

North Carolina Specialty Foods Association

The North Carolina Specialty Foods Association was established in 1992. Our mission is to actively encourage and support the promotion and appreciation of North Carolina specialty food, beverages and wine products.


Cackalacky™ Funny Name – Serious Zest! Headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Cackalacky, Inc. brews and distributes the famously original sweet potato-based Cackalacky™ Spice Sauce and Genuine Cackalacky™ Gear.

Fishel’s Moravian Chicken Pies

We represent the third generation to continue making the same delicious pies that got their start in the late 1940s. Our recipe holds true to the Moravian tradition by using the entire chicken with hand rolled crust.

North Carolina Artisan Cheese

America is enjoying a revival of the time-honored craft of artisan cheesemaking. Much like NC Wine, Cheesemaking is on the rise in North Carolina, which now has over 40 artisan cheese making enterprises.

Lusty Monk Mustard

Lusty Monk Mustards are fresh-ground, hand-crafted, and full of flavor and fire. We lovingly craft the mustard in small batches, and we encourage our brethren to slow down and savor each bite.

Anna Mae Southern Bread Co.

Like the South Itself: Slow, Sweet, and Full of Tradition. Anna Mae Southern Bread Co. is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. They use a multi-generation family recipe to produce Southern-inspired dinner rolls.