Blind But Now I See

From the day Doc Watson stepped off the bus in New York City, the North Carolina music legend changed the world forever. His influence has been recognized by presidents and by the heroes of modern music. This is the first comprehensive biography of Doc Watson, With never before released details about the American guitar icon’s life.

The Bankesters

The family band ”The Bankesters”, discovered in the parking lot of a bluegrass festival, was invited on stage that night. Eight years later…

Mountain Home Music

The mission of Mountain Home Music of the Western North Carolina High Country is to preserve and honor the music of the Appalachian region. Mountain Home Music has produced over 200 concerts since it began in 1994.

A Study in Songwriting, The Mast Farm Inn Sessions

Thirteen developing bluegrass artists retreat to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina to study songwriting with stars Dan Tyminski and Ronnie Bowman at The Mast Farm Inn.

Knee-Deep In Bluegrass With Cindy Baucom

The Mast Farm Inn is honored to be one of the official sponsors of Knee Deep in Bluegrass. Each of our segments in the show presents and features an outstanding North Carolina bluegrass artist.

High Country Mountain Music

Doc Watson was inspired by the High Country, you’ll find that this mountain folk music will capture your heart as well.

In Memory of Doc Watson

”Fame is a strange beast, and very few are famous for their humility… those are the ones that matter most. And Doc Watson is one of those people” ~ Henri Deschamps

Jim Avett

Jim Avett of Concord, North Carolina, is the son of a Methodist minister and a classical pianist who grew up in a home full of love and music, a home where he learned the importance of hard work and honest living.

David Holt

Musician, Storyteller, Photographer, Cultural Explorer & Trail Guide David Holt is helping America know the place, and in so doing is well on his way to becoming a legend, every bit as profound and valuable to American History & Culture as his unique group of cherished mentors.

Kristen Bearfield

Kristen Bearfield is a photographer based in Hickory, North Carolina, and a songwriter and musical artist who sings, plays guitar, mandolin & banjo with The Hurleys, a North Carolina bluegrass gospel group.