Tuck & Bonte

Tuck & Bonte is a husband & wife design team in Hickory, North Carolina, who both share a love for fashion, design and art. ”We love adding little touches of design and creativity to your lives, whether in a wedding, decor for your home, or clothing to wear.”

Bob Timberlake

On the surface, Bob Timberlake is a self-taught realist painter whose work is recognized for its lifelike depiction of his rural North Carolina home.

Murray Lee

Asheville Photographer Murray Lee’s work appears in national publications such as Forbes, New York Times Sunday Magazine, Newsweek, Southern Living and Fortune. His images helped promote tourism and agriculture.

Kyle Keeter

Kyle Keeter is a regional artist inspired by his reverential feeling for the mountain area, and his work is defined by creativity and attention to detail. Keeter’s paintings and drawings reflect his upbringing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Kristian Jackson

I am a professional outdoor recreation and education professional living in the heart of the High Country, Boone, NC. I feel a strong connection to the southern Appalachian Mountains and am impelled to promote and protect this stunning and unique environment.