WordPress, Google or Verio Issue


The following issue can be seen in the images above and below. This initially seemed a WordPress plugin conflict. It started a while back, and I initially thought it was going to be a temporary matter which resolved itself with updates, but it did not.

And after weeks of trying to get to the bottom of it, it is becoming clearer and clearer the source of the problem is Verio. That problem in and of itself is not a huge deal, but it is an indication there is an issue with Google, which is a big deal.

It is does not seem to be Verio system wide. But after weeks of testing it seems more and more clear that either Verio has instituted some block as policy, made some major update without notifying of possible implications, or some support agent or tech somewhere put a block on the Google image crawler IP or process as perhaps a temporary test or fix, and then left it that way. Whatever it might be, Verio to Google is not working properly on the part of the server farm on which we are hosted.

This is confirmed by the Google fetch and render function via Google webmaster tools as the images below show. The function demonstrates that while the code and tags are being pulled in, the images are blocked to the Google bot, although they show normally via  browser to website visitors.

This image below shows the fetch request and result listed as partial.fetch-render.png

This image below shows the render results without images

This image below shows how it is occurring across multiple domains and sites that we manage hosted by Verio, none of which show the images rendered and all of which have the same problem


This image shows how the FaceBook URL debugger at
https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/ is not blocked and when fetching the tags and images from the URL and does pull in the OG Data.



There may be some other explanation but after weeks of consulting with numerous knowledgeable folks that seems to be it. I have therefore prepared this page in the hopes Verio Tech support will escalate the matter to a tech or manager who can fix it, and provide me a proper report of what occurred and why.

HISTORICAL, What follows just below was a first attempt at diagnosing and grappling with the issue which initially led me to believe it was a WordPress update or plugin update conflict. You will find below that information dated July 4th which more likely represents the real problem.

I am leaving what is below here as an example as it shows one result of the problem, but in fact this is occurring on multiple domains, using different themes, plugins and setups.

After weeks trying to resolve the matter it is clear the only common denominators are Google, Verio and WordPress. I have checked other sites we manage to see if it was a Google issue by fetching WordPress sites not on Verio and images are being pulled in normally on sites using the same configurations and plugins described below. So it is not Google.

I have checked the plugins, themes and configurations of other sites than ours who are using WordPress on other hosting platforms, using the same plug-ins and themes, and they are all working fine. So it is not WordPress, a Theme or Plugin. I have checked Verio‘s own site, hosted no doubt by them, and it  is built with WordPress, and their images are getting pulled in normally. So it is does not seem to be Verio system wide. But it seems clear that either Verio has instituted some block as policy or some support agent or tech somewhere put a block on the Google image crawler IP or process as a perhaps temporary test, and then left it that way.


Whereas from our server, not so.


Below is the initial hypothesis.


We use social media sharing bars at the top and bottom of our posts and pages like you see at the top and bottom of this page. These have been working fine for over 3 years. Recently Google+ and LinkedIn no longer pull in the featured image when clicked to share, this now occurs with both the Pin It Pro share bar at the top of the page and with the JetPack share bar at the bottom of the page.

The FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest share buttons are still working fine both with the JetPack and with the Pin It Pro share bars.

In Google’s case the share bar does pull in the title, and the post excerpt snippet fine for Google+ but when shared the image is absent. For linkedIn it pulls up neither image nor excerpt. The images are sized properly and I have not changed anything image size related.

Here is a typical page www.themastfarminn.com/general-stores-new-river, but the same occurs on all pages of this site and domain, as it does on three different domains, hosts and websites using essentially same social media share configurations but different themes. Other websites with the same issues: www.davidfinckviolins.com, www.overyondernc.com, www.vallecrucispark.com/

All sites are on Verio shared hosting, but that is unlikely to be the issue. I have tried disabling plugins, flushing cache, retrying etc… and it did not solve the problem nor resolve the issue.

It has been like that for at least 2 weeks. I have Yoast, and removed it, as it also has social media functions, but that was not it either.

If you try the share at http://www.themastfarminn.com/general-stores-new-river or on this page via top share bar or bottom share bar you will see something like this below


We use both Buffer and Sprout Social and if I schedule that link using either’s scheduling interface both pull in the images and text for Google+ and LinkedIn into their system, yet they are absent when the post is sent to get posted.

The only thing I think I have changed recently are that I added both Google & FaceBook re-marketing code, and both are working, but perhaps I messed up the header, footer, or theme options files and/or have script sequences out of whack.

You may know how to read the source code at view-source:http://www.themastfarminn.com/general-stores-new-river/ and see what is wrong

If you need to read the following files as well, here are their addresses:

Theme Functions & Options PHP






Any help greatly appreciated. If you know precisely what the problem is, know exactly how to fix it, and can, and would like to be paid for the fix please write hd@mastfarm.net, THANK YOU!