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Has Facebook "Jumped The Shark" and "Screwed The Pooch"? • "Screwed The Pooch" is an aviator term describing when a pilot messes up a carrier landing, bails out using his trusty chute and the plane crashes into the water. Navy Lieutenant Commander Arthur P. Menard recalled "screw the pooch" being used to describe crashes in 1959, when he was a midshipman aboard the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany, and again in 1960 in flight school in Pensacola. He described it as "black humor in the Naval air arm for a very unfunny incident."

A while back Mike Allton, Jim Lodico and Randy Wilson  each in their own way asked "Has Facebook Officially Jumped The Shark?"
Has Facebook Officially Jumped the Shark?
Has Facebook Jumped the Shark?

There are indeed veritable tidal waves of uproar all over the web and in the mainstream press about how FaceBook now allows almost no posts from pages to reach the newsfeed absent serious coin. There is even an informal manifesto and petition on the matter.

After reading reams on the subject the last six months, I just read
The Hard Truth About How the Facebook News Feed Works Now
where Nicholas Carlson says "Facebook has changed its mind about brands. It has decided that users do not really want to see a News Feed full of updates from brands — Tide, Dove, Pampers, Nyquil, etc. If you run a brand and News Feed is a main marketing channel for you, then you need to buy guaranteed reach from Facebook: ads." And I believe him. While those big fellars might be able to afford it, what about artists, small and mid-size independent businesses, organizations and non-profits.

So now FaceBook has also screwed the pooch, and simply ashamed of admitting such an unseemly act other than via the most convoluted corporate spin disguised as "enhancing the user experience". The problem could have been resolved in a multitude of ways but FaceBook has bailed on pages, leaving them to crash into the water. Is the pooch who paid serious money to develop his page a "user", might his experience also be enhanced?

It would seem reasonable to ask the question "What of the taxpayer who paid for the plane"? All us working folk who spent a lot of money to help get that plane into the air, to train the pilots, and to build the carrier where they might safely land?

At what point does someone officially pronounce the demise of "Artist formerly known as FaceBook Pages"? And why do I feel like this reminds me of the sub-prime mortgage debacle. I don’t really know why but it does.

Now Brands Will Be Able to Flirt With Each Other on Facebook Too
Facebook News Feed Now Shows Content From Pages That Tag Pages You Follow
Facebook News Feed Update Gives Brands More Reach
8 Reasons Why Facebook’s Page-Tagging-Page Update is Terrible
Facebook rewards brands for tagging
Which in passing existed the first year of pages, and then which Facebook removed as a feature to "enhance the user experience". After the first year you could tag all you wanted, but it did nothing and went nowhere.

Below one case study in page tagging subsequent to the re enabling of this feature by FaceBook. It is just one case and it may be too early to tell so we would like to hear your experiences.

On a page with 17,539 likes
they posted a link with accompanying text, and as the subject matter was spot on they tagged two pages in the text. The subject is highly interesting to their followers as they speak of James Taylor, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and how the song "Carolina in My Mind", is linked to same.

Here is the text
"In 1951, when James Taylor was three, the family moved to what was then the countryside of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, when his father Isaac took a job as Assistant Professor of Medicine at the The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. They built a house in the Morgan Creek area off of what is now Morgan Creek Road, which was sparsely populated. James would later say, "Chapel Hill, the Piedmont, the outlying hills, were tranquil, rural, beautiful, but quiet."

which accompanied this link post
and was tagged to both the James Taylor page with 1,423,575 likes
and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 215,082 likes.
Combined total of likes on all three pages = 1,656,196

If you assume that they and University have common followers with James Taylor, and remove all their 17,539 likes and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s 215,082 likes, this leaves a minimum of James Taylor’s 1,423,575 likes.

A day later, this post brought them an extra 120 feed views compared to their benchmark for this type of post minus tagging of other pages. So in this case, for now it seems simply FB-BS disguised as a bone thrown to page admins or a flashy trinket to distract the sheep.

FaceBook is very much about spin, deflection, virtual intellectual band-aids which only salve their wounds, over promising and under delivering. They are constantly making announcements about some cool new feature that will fix, enhance and improve, but it’s a dog and pony show, now bordering on the Madoff School of Social Media. The pages platform is quite broken and more and more people are realizing they get Facebook’s interpretation of what FaceBook wants them to see, or more accurately what is in Facebook’s interest.

So what do you think, Has Facebook "Jumped The Shark" and "Screwed The Pooch"? as relates to the "Artist formerly known as FaceBook Pages" Is it over? Are we there yet? Are we just dead pooch walking?