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The Valle Crucis Post Office, by Kristen Bearfield

Attractions Overview • There are many spectacular attractions in our area. In fact this is the section of our website with the most number of pages and links. Do look around, you won’t believe what you find here. When you keep hearing the word unique it loses resonance, but take everyone’s word for it the Western North Carolina High Country is "authentically old-fashioned the real deal unique" and we are blessed to find ourselves in one of the most glorious parts of the world. In much the same way you hear everyone tell you Venice is sublime, The Western North Carolina High Country is sublime.

Even if you never come to The Mast Farm Inn, we hope you will enjoy discovering the Western North Carolina High Country here. To say we like and are grateful for North Carolina, is like saying the Beatles were a nice little rock band from Liverpool. We flat out love North Carolina. North Carolina is The Beatles of The American States.

PS: I Love You

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The Mast Farm Inn, Historic North Carolina Country Inn & Restaurant, Valle Crucis, NC